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Without our honored guests and passengers, we would have no way to support the ever-growing needs of History Flight, Inc. in our efforts to research, find and recover our MIA servicemen from World War II. We are truly appreciative for the support and dedication of those who have flown with us and have helped contribute to our goals.

Our customers have gone out of their way to express their appreciation as well! Below are a select number of first-person testimonials from our supporters, both in writing and in the press.

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Bill RandsFrom: Bill Rands
To: John Makinson
Date: Sun, Mar 21, 2010 at 1:14 PM
Subject: Thank you Thank you from Lantana !!

I just can't help sending a heartfelt thank you to you and Russ, for the experience I had at Lantana on March 7. Even if that had been just a "ride" it would have been an awesome hoot. But it was much more: my first hour of formal aerobatic training, my first roll at the controls, my first loop ever and certainly my first at the controls, and abundant learning about spins and spin prevention, which could conceivably save my life and my passengers some day. Why don't they have that as part of the Private and Commercial training? I talked with my instructor back home and he said "of course you have to use the rudder," and I said "but you never once talked about it or demonstrated it." So thank you thank you thank you and if you guys ever come to Michigan please let me know. I think I gave Russ a business card. And thanks to Russ for an unforgettable piece of photography.




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