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PHM2c Raymond P. Gilmore

NamePHM2c Raymond Phillip Gilmore
Unit:A Company 2nd Medical Battalion, 2nd Marine Division
Location of Recovery:Betio, Tarawa, Gilbert Islands (Modern Day Kiribati) Cemetery 27
Date of Loss:November 20, 1943

Circumstances:  On November 6, 2001, the Central Identification Lab-Hawaii (CILHI, now DPAA) identified the remains of Pharmacist’s Mate Second Class Raymond P. Gilmore, missing from World War II.

Pharmacist’s Mate Second Class Gilmore entered the U.S. Navy from California and was attached to Company A, 2nd Medical Battalion, 2nd Marine Division. On November 22, 1943, he was killed during the amphibious assault on Betio Island, as part of the Battle of Tarawa. He was buried on Betio, but his remains were not recovered in the immediate aftermath of the war. In 1999, CILHI was notified that human remains were found during construction along a road on Betio. A CILHI investigative team excavated the site and recovered remains that were later identified as those of PHM2 Gilmore.

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