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History Flight is a privately operated, 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization dedicated to researching, recovering and repatriating America’s servicemen, who have been listed as Missing In Action during past American conflicts, back to US soil. Since being founded in 2003, over 100 History Flight missions have recovered the remains of over 100 missing servicemen, in both the European and Pacific theaters of war, and helped return them to their families. History Flight has also been responsible for the recovery of over 250 additional sets of remains that have been turned over to the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency that are currently in the process of identification. History Flight utilizes a multi-faceted search and recovery, results proven approach, coupled with an unmatched, world class passion and dedication for the mission of finding our lost servicemen. This approach and passion by our talented staff is unmatched in the MIA search and recovery world and gives History Flight the honor of being the world’s most successful, private, MIA search and recovery organization. research and recovery mia recovery

Our organization has teams right now in the field, in numerous regions of the world, living up to America’s promise of “Never leaving a fallen comrade behind”. These dedicated individuals continue their tireless search today so as to maintain the 93%, unmatched, organizational success rate that we enjoy in finding America’s lost heroes and they could use your help. There are still 78,000 missing American servicemen around the world. Operations of this type and magnitude are only successful through the contributions of dedicated organizations and individuals who want to do their part to ensure that the heroes of our past conflicts, who have given the last full measure in order to secure the freedoms and liberties we enjoy today, are not forgotten.

Please consider being part of our team and making a small contribution for our MIA search and recovery efforts. Donate now and be a part of bringing our heroes home.

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