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Board of Directors

Mark Noah

History Flight Founder

Justin LeHew

Chief Operating Officer

Agamemnon Gus Pantel


The Team Members

Cynthia LeHew

Chief Administrations Officer

Aisley LeHew

Chief Technology Officer

John Frye

Philippine Operations Manager/ Team Leader/Medic

Mike Palombizio

Team Leader/ Medic

Daniel Rodriguez

Team Leader/Medic

Bobby perez

Team Leader/ EOD

Coleman Kinzer

Assistant Operations Manager/ Team Leader

Jeff Logan

History Flight Chaplain

Scientific Recovery Experts/ Archaeologists

David Rankin

Anthropologist/ Scientific Recovery Expert

Dr. John Peterson

Archaeologist/ Anthropologist/ Scientific Recovery Expert

Johan Rodriguez

Scientific Recovery Expert

Eric Albertson

Archaeologist/ Scientific Recovery Expert

Jack Rossen

Scientific Recovery Expert

James Murphy

Archaeologist/ Scientific Recovery Expert

James Fenn

Scientific Recovery Expert

Rachel Scott

Archaeologist/ Anthropologist

Aundrea Thompson


Archie Tiauzon


Jordan Windish


Paul Martin and K9 Ziva

Anthropologist and K9 Handler